We can not expect everyone to understand and agree with our view points and hence criticism is obvious at each step of our lives. What does criticism do to us in the blogging world is completely in our own hands.

We publish here on WordPress and people come back with their valuable comments and suggestions. Now, the same could be in agreement or disagreement.

We could choose to let the criticism destroy our good mood or we could choose to have a debate and try to explain our point to get the other person thinking. Giving a few examples to support our thoughts is always helpful. There is still no guarantee that the other person will get impressed, which is absolutely fine and must be taken in a healthy manner. We must be open to understand the other person’s point of view as well.

Now that was healthy criticism. There is another form of criticism that many of us may have faced here on WordPress. This is something that does not allow you to debate or do anything about it. Frankly speaking, I fail to understand this kind.

I will give you a live example. There is someone who has been commenting on my posts in an unacceptable way. Saying filthy things which are completely out of the context. This person has even gone to an extent to create a website with a name similar to mine (mySestina) and has been commenting bad things. He/She has also commented through other names and I know it is the same person as I have the IP address for their computer.

The question is whether do I get affected by such behavior? Well, my answer is NO. I simply choose to not respond to such comments as I don’t believe in killing my good self for someone who doesn’t even understand their own purpose. They are simply wasting their time to upset others rather than utilizing it for their own good. I personally feel that they don’t even deserve my attention and time.

Hence, whether is criticism is healthy or not, we must choose to not let it disturb us in any way. We must remain calm in both the cases and should embrace the same to become a better person. It obviously makes us a person with a better control over our emotions!

How do you feel? I welcome you all to share your views on criticism.

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68 thoughts on “Why Embrace Criticism on WordPress?

  1. I agree,silence is the best key..it does not show that we are being coward but we choose a healthy way to deal with.Constructive criticisms are welcomed open heartedly,not the strong abhored ones!

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      1. The feeling is mutual. You have become a powerful blogger and people feel threatened by that, which is silly as you’re so gentle and sweet and warm! It’s all jealousy 💝💝💝

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  2. Hi Ziggy.
    How are you doing? It’s been a very long time. I could see lot many renovations on your blog. I couldn’t believe my eyes that I could actually find big paragraphs in addition to poems. That’s a great new step forward which is so expressive and communicative. Keep achieving miles.:)

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    1. Hey, yes my dear it’s been a long time. I started writing big paragraphs where I could not really do my best with poems. I see a lot of new bloggers struggling and having a lot of questions around. My idea is to help them as well as develop a strong relationship with everyone around here. I truly feel contended to do so. Thank you again for stopping by my dear… so happy to see you again.

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      1. You know what, this is a great and generous effort. I’m impressed by your notion on extending hands to the one who is struggling in the pool of words and ideas.
        And all your big paras are so expressive and I would request you to write more on big contents. Yes, this is surely a tremendous initiative to be in touch with our fellow mates. It is my pleasure to encourage this kinda act ☺😊.

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      2. I am glad that you support the articles that extend help to fellow bloggers and new comers. Gives me strength to keep on going with the initiative and write more on the subject.

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  3. It’s good that you raise a very important issue of blogosphere. In case of my blog I enjoy criticism cause most of the contents of my blog are written against the crowd. Criticism opens the door of further explanations of the matters and sometimes it also helps me to know a new thing or see the matter from a different prospective. When the criticisms are irrelevant to the context, I prefer to keep silent against those like you.

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    1. Exactly my take as well. It is better to keep silent when we know that it does not have any direction or meaning. Else, it is extremely helpful in making one a stronger and better person. Thanks a lot for reading my dear!

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  4. Tough topic, tough to give criticism and tough to take.. I think if one receives one has to validate it, and be bold. If one has to give, then one must see the capacity of the receiver and speak at right level, or may be not speak. Sometimes when one is the example of how one wants things done, that example rubs off and you dont have to criticize. Taking criticism,, you really have to have your head in gear as the receiver, and I certainly would not take it to heart, it needs a good solid head to receive , to validate and to decide I take action or I chose to only part take action or just blank it altogether, but one can only do that when one is calm inside.

    great post.

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    1. Yes my dear. To remain calm is the key and it makes sure that one does not take a decision in haste. Criticism can be healthy and constructive only if we choose it to be so, else it can be upsetting and dangerous… Thanks a lot for your valuable comments my dear…

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  5. Great post and I agree, certain people will go to great lengths to criticize and spoil your good work. You have to ignore and report such people as spammers. They are nothing more than a mere nuisance to society.

    As for criticism, the act itself can be defined as passing judgment on someone else’s work. So, criticism unless is beneficial in some way to enhance a person’s skills or work is nothing but pure judgement.

    And while such people assume themselves to be judges and of superiority by society’s standards. They are merely delusional people unable to accept the ability and success of other people who are doing far better than them.

    It is best not to engage in a debate with anyone, who is unable to accept a difference of opinion and unable to understand that each person is entitled to have their own beliefs.

    Great post, and hope whoever is causing you trouble finds something better and more fruitful to do with their time than harassing you!

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    1. Your support is so encouraging my dear. I absolutely agree with you and try to ignore such elements. That helps me not to think too much and not getting affected in any way by their negativity. Thank you again!!

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  6. I agree with ignoring unpleasant stuff, but I am concerned that someone should be masquerading as you. A good debate is fine. I recently said I didn’t like Jane Austen. This produced pros and cons all expressed in a genuine manner.

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    1. A healthy and constructive debate is always welcome and is useful for both the parties to understand things better. We must have freedom of speech in terms of our liking and disliking. The best way for any other kind of criticism is to ignore it completely. I am so thankful for your concern Dear Derrick.. I feel blessed to have genuine people like you around me.

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      1. Day before yesterday during commenting I had been misunderstood. Other side felt offended. Then I have to apologize in public domain. Since I never any intention to hurt any one but some times words have thier own limitations. Later I saw your post. It’s been how you’re dealing with criticism you had quoted with example.

        Realized that you have tough situation to encounter. But you are still moving ahead.

        That’s how your post helped me.


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      2. This is too much ! I am ordinary among ordinary people.

        Being saint will not happen in this birth may be will try in next inning.

        Yeah I am proud ordinary human ! Have no goals to be any body else the way I am.

        Have great time ahead !😊

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  7. I world rather live in my little bubble of unicorns and rainbows, I don’t care. Trolls will be blocked, derogatory comments will deleted and I will skip, hop in my little wordpress paradise. Nothing is going to steal my shine!

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  8. I chose to see all criticism as helpful, even when it looks downright mean. I find opportunities to pray for new people 🤓 That being said, Mark Twain once quipped “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and look like an idiot, than to open it and erase all doubt.” Great post!

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  9. criticism is always welcomed on my blog. hate is not. I’m wondering, do you approve the comments that isn’t healthy criticism? I’ve heard many successful bloggers say that a blog is not meant to be a democracy and that they don’t have to show those comments on their blog. criticism they allow, I’m just curious what you do? you said you don’t respond to them, but do you approve them to be shown?

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    1. Ok, I allow comments which contain healthy criticism because that allows people to be open and to feel more connected to me. But to be honest, this person wrote a comment telling me that I am a big Shi*… hehe, this is the one I do not approve… lol, I just felt sorry for this person and deleted it. Anyway, please let me know your views on if I did the right thing.

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      1. it’s your blog. blogs aren’t meant to be a democracy in the sense that people shouldn’t be allowed to say awful things like that just because they can. I would’ve done the same thing:)

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  10. Absolutely Sest Lady. Everyone of course have of necessity erected their own defenses to deal with such things. So there are always revealed two sides to these individuals; One side appears ferocious while vs the other side of chinks in the armor. So due to the fact that in some cases their is no getting on their good side, yes we are tempted when we see the glaring chinks to go and kick them to shreds, but this will not help us, the next gunslinger will be better in due time and gun us down, in fact, more likely than not…..we will help them to do that.
    Well with the ferocious apparition just work in dualities to deal with it. Deep inside such a individual is being pursued by something, and guess what, that something is ferocious (sounds familiar), and less it devour them they must inflict sorrow, a sense of invalidation on someone, they must discredit because in discrediting you they discredit their pursuer.
    They can take one more nap, one more night of rest if they diminish you confidence, cancel your safety, your love, you sense of values.
    Nuff said my Sest lady.
    I love this post.
    Thanks for sharing it

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    1. Thank you for your kind and to the point remarks here Miguel.. I completely agree with you. I would help them if I react to their comments in a way that they want me to. I am sure it is not healthy and would encourage them to come with a harder blow the next time. If I choose to ignore, they will not have enough reason to come back again. I am so glad that you liked the post. Thank you so much for your precious time and kind comments..

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