what You’ve done to Me

what You’ve done to Me

i wonder why

i feel light like a feather

i feel the light in my heart

don’t need a reason to smile

i am beautiful from the inside

i glow like shining gold

i shimmer like a gleaming diamond

the scent of my body fragrant without any flowers

my eyes shine with zeal

don’t need any wings to fly

i am no more what i were

o dear is this your love

what you’ve done to me

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a Kiss on my Neck

a Kiss on my Neck

he gifted me a necklace once

soothing pearls sewn in a golden thread

making love simultaneously

to the ones onto their right and to the left

as I wore it, the pearls hugged my neck

I felt a shiver of his love caressing me

must I admire his choice so rich

how gorgeous I looked wearing it

he came from the behind as I looked into the mirror

he pretended he wanted to touch the necklace

sure he was, I would catch him pretending

with no interest in the necklace that moment

he just wanted to place his lips on my neck

a secret, he told me then

the necklace was never too appealing to him

yet, he bought it without a second thought

for he wanted to steal a chance to come close to me

and kiss me on my neck


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Children of War

Children of War

in the middle of the WAR

where one could hear nothing but gunshots

blasting bombs, churning human flesh

blood raining down from everywhere around

screams in the air echoing through miles

bodies of the soldiers licking the ground

such a horrendous scene for that child to consume

the one who sat in a house, hiding from such horror

innocently he asked a question to the God

what do they get from this horrible destruction

what pleasure is there in killing

why do they choose guns over flowers

what is it that the war has to offer

why do they make small children to suffer

could they not just remain humans

could they try not to turn into animals

why can’t they choose Love & Peace

where in the world could we find Harmony

“Dear God, would you please make them end this War”


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Art is precious 

Art is priceless

It makes us rich

Makes us healthy

Writing is a precious form of art


a Writer is a mixture of emotions and talent

holding the power of a pen

moving the world

leading it

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