A Companion to Remain

A Companion to Remain

once upon a time

there was a girl, a little child

innocent heart

beautiful imaginations

a brown teddy bear

her dearest companion

deeply in love

she never would let it go

imagined to be teddy’s wife

the day she would grow..

Time cruelly, robbed her of her innocence

as it passed, ticking the clock

days, and then years

little girl now all grown up

no more toys

to remain around her

does she even remember

how & when

she lost – her dear teddy bear

the new avatar of life

entirely unlike the previous

assuring the presence

of pretty tears in her life 

to keep those big, deep dark eyes

forever moist

she now wonders

of the two sides of the coin

two stories, she was told by her life

no more giggles

beaming laughs are all gone

today, her only & true companion 

the one

never leaving her side

even in a crowd

is no one else

but Her Loneliness

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I was the host.. my Guest was a Ghost

I was the host.. my Guest was a Ghost

on a dull evening

I decided to tease my loneliness

so I called for a get together

no one else accepted my invitation

except for him

that evening when I was the host

my only guest was a white faced ghost

the ghost was generous to pay me a visit

to sit with me, talk a little bit

we shared a strange congeniality

somehow it worried me occassionally

the evening started to graduate to night

white color on his face had started to vanish

I struggled to see through the darkness

trying to feed my anxiety, moved a little closer

my eye refused to believe what they witnessed

left spellbound, not even a word I could utter

towards him as I pointed my finger

shocked to witness the face behind the Ghost’s

it was me, siting in front of me

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Art is precious 

Art is priceless

It makes us rich

Makes us healthy

Writing is a precious form of art


a Writer is a mixture of emotions and talent

holding the power of a pen

moving the world

leading it

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The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

emerging …. fading

standing up …. at times bending

smiling …. weeping

building up …. shattering

holding …. abandoning

healing …. bleeding

consuming the knowledge …. sometimes ignoring

mine ….  yours …. souls performing

a play, named …. the circle of life

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Grow your blog with mySestina – 5th entry

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Grow your blog with mySestina – 4th entry

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Grow your blog with mySestina – 3rd entry

Lets help each other dear friends! Please do check out this great blog from a very sweet friend on WP.




A Better Tomorrow

A Better Tomorrow

you have shed many tears

you’ve been through dark nights

nights that were long enough

to leave a mark on your soul

you’ve burnt your hands in fire

you’ve slept on the cold floor

smile is been missing on your face

for a long time

the pain must have broken your heart

it must have pierced through your spine

still my dear it’s remarkable

how you remained kind

your calmness, your patience

encouraged you to have faith

to hope for a better tomorrow

for a bright shining day

after a long long night

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Tribute To The Woods

Tribute To The Woods

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Grow your blog with mySestina – 1st entry

Lets help each other dear friends! Please do check out this great blog from a very sweet friend on WP.




Grow your Blog with mySestina

Grow your Blog with mySestina

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Celebrating 500 followers on mySestina

Celebrating 500 followers on mySestina

Dear friends!

Waking up to receive 500 followers on WP. What more could I ask from you. You have loved mySestina and here is the outcome.

Thanks to all of you my friends.

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A Silhouette Leaf

A Silhouette Leaf

Against the light in the far night sky

the leaf, gave in selflessly

in agreement to give up its identity

to loose its color true, its very beauty

turned itself into a shape a little dark 

its outlines symmetrical

crafted by the finest hands of the almighty

unaware of the fact it looked even prettier 

surrendering to it’s love to the moon

bowing to its shiny silver gleam

the leaf not just a leaf anymore

but a silhouette leaf

image source : ZeroCreativity