hungry  for power, seeking fame

everywhere with everyone

isn’t it the same game

those who got plenty, get to learn

the secret, to our existence

and hence, they begin their search

to happiness, to contentment

to learn and to relish

the simple joys of life

in the end

they all begin to realize

the one who has it all

inside us, hiding, sleeping

as we shake ourselves

to wake her up

it is the child in us who holds the key

to happiness within & around to see

it is she who holds the power eternal

none of the presidents, no politicians

not you, not me

it is only the child

who is the King

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12 thoughts on “Child is the King

    1. Thanks Manuel… a child knows is innocent, a child knows how to laugh on simple things, a child knows how to be stress free, a child knows no boundaries… they know, no religion, no hatred…. they seem to me to be the true kings…

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      1. You should Laugh quite often by your own, it does not cost much….
        Why do you need me for this…..
        Or you really need my company to laugh ….

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