he sits by the roadside everyday

with his tools placed on a cloth in front

a few shoe soles hung on a board behind him

sewing a broken shoe or polishing another

he is the one who mends people’s shoes

struggles for a little shade on a summer noon

barely makes enough for his family to eat dinner

his children never ask him for a gift

for they don’t want to break their father’s heart

they greet him well when he returns back home

they respect his courage to touch everyone’s shoes

the cobbler then sits with his family

all of them relish a few dried pieces of bread TOGETHER

I salute you Mr. Cobbler

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11 thoughts on “I salute Mr. Cobbler

  1. This post tells that you’re so grounded Didi. I always respect you for what you are. But now, after reading this post, you’ve gained your respect and love in my eyes for you. 🙂

    I’m really touched with Mr Cobbler post. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sumit! I feel sad for the deprived community and especially by the fact that they are treated the worse way by the society. The Cobbler is so brave and he deserves respect for being such a down to earth person. There are many more like him out there. Wish, we could salute them all.

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      1. Aww.. again, must I say that only kind hearts can understand and think like this for others. You and Sumit both are very dear to me and i see your genuineness in your thoughts. You both are beautiful and thats how you tend to see the world as well… Thanks a lot again to both of you

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