Life is full of challenges. Many of us go through hardships in life at some point. The urge to be heard and to have company in times of struggle is only human.

In times of trying, many of us have our own moments of failures in life. The question is should we be shy to share them?

Aren’t are failures form a ladder to climb up to our success. Aren’t our failures equally important?  Should we not come out with our stories of falling down to give lessons to others?

I am sure, everyone’s favorite are the success stories. They are full of fancy and gives us an eye to imagine ourselves being successful. But, I strongly feel that we must come out with a few falls behind them. Let’s share every defeat, each failure that we may have faced in our lives.

Let every fall be the beginning of a fresh effort.

Come, share your story with us and let’s hear what others have in store! Leave a comment below.

Remember, your story may teach a lesson to someone in need.


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