a tiny little drop of positivity

showered on my soul

like it was the ice melting on that mountain

the water falling endlessly

leaving me out of breath, dripping with nobility

scrubbing my heart off the unholy

did i ever imagine such influence

dominating me to my superior self

entrusting me to dispose the venom in me

leaving me speechless for the power it contains

leading me to divinity

just a tiny drop of positivity

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3 thoughts on “a tiny little drop of positivity

  1. I really love both the theme and the beautiful picture….for some people they never get anything positive in their lives. They only receive the negative…then there are people who even when they receive something positive actually are so “into” being a victim and the attention that being a victim gains them that they actually will purposefully look for and see imaginary things that are perceived to be against them or slighting them in some way in order to keep being the “victim” as that is their chosen role in life. Then there are people who really just need someone to say that they are doing a good job, or that they’ve worked hard, or anything from someone that is a crumb of acknowledgement that they are appreciated in life, and they never receive that little bit of positiveness. Both types of people are very unfortunate, as the root problems are that they are relying on other people to endorse them and lift them up…they should be relying on the Lord for that…as everyone is a valuable creation to God.

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    1. You conceived it in the best way possible Charlene… We must never rely on others to be happy or sad.. The positivity is there within us, we must make use of it and try to listen to our inner selves.. We would be never be dissatisfied that way..

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