i take pride as you raised me right
you were tough you were polite
when I searched for the meaning of life
you gave me the vision to a brighter side
when I lost my courage
you pushed me to fight
in your strong yet loving arms
I could always hide
when nights were long & dark
you held  my light
watched my back till I took my flight

everything is just so special tonight
i am crowned, to reach new heights
thank you DAD for being my guide
a poem of emotions for you i recite
i sure do take pride for you raised me right

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31 thoughts on “i take pride for u raised me right

      1. Always! I might have shown this to him and got a hug from him. Might. (I gave you credits tho. We can share the hug.)

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      1. So true! I recognise how lucky I am to be surrounded by a lovely caring family – truly a blessing and although my dad sadly died many years ago I believe he still watches over me.. I send you love and blessings for your life too. x

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