Yes, I fool myself. Many times. You know when?

Every time, I tell myself women are equal to men. Equal rights, no salary discrimination, same education blah blah !! Who am I fooling? Am I not that smart to understand! Yes, I am, but not in their eyes. Sigh!!

It all starts at home. For many women in many countries around the world, they shall never get what they deserve. They shall never be treated even close to the kind of treatment men would get.

SHE is a she, so she will only cook,

SHE is a she, so she will only clean,

SHE is a she, she is born to do the laundry,

SHE is a she, so only she will take care of the babies

while her husband will peacefully sit and sip on his coffee

(Coffee that SHE prepared for him) and the list for SHE never ends

She is considered to be not so smart (not enough as HIM). I fail to understand WHY!!

And the journey once started at home, continues to spread it’s effects on life outside the four walls. Here, she will be considered not working as hard as men, she will be scanned for her clothes everyday at work. She will be expected to create trouble for the employers after marriage, because she could get pregnant anytime and blah blah!!

Although, there may be changes coming, yet I can only and only dream a world where men and women both are considered HUMANS.. only then they shall be treated EQUAL.

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38 thoughts on “Gender equality? Who am i fooling!!

  1. “She will be expected to create trouble for the employers after marriage, because she could get pregnant anytime and blah blah!!”.. a great theory which you told in simple words..

    We need to be united dear friend..have you read my post in line to this..?

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  2. What country do you come from?

    One of the things personally that has made me never see genders different in terms of ability is growing up with two highly successful sisters – it is hard to see it any other way!

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      1. I believe the experience is much different in the UK. I have seen two sides to Indian life – the families I know who have settled in the UK and those I have met on my visits over there. It is a wonderful country, but equal opportunities is an important area of focus for sure

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      2. I loved India dearly, but I have experienced so little of it so far. I have only visited Mumbai. What are are you from? Where do you recommend?


      3. I am lucky to belong to a family where we don’t face such issues, yet I wanted to put light on the lives of those, who are, because they form the majority of our population

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  3. Great words! I will be also waiting the time everyone is seen as equal human beings.

    I would like to add that this difference between men and women’s rights starts from childhood. “Boys will be boys” but girls have to be kind and obedient.

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  4. Yes you are spot on but the times have changed a little with the boys themselves coming out to help their partners. Now in Australia it’s a different story but back home too I have seen guys who don’t hesitate performing daily course in absence of their wives away in duty. Hope the times will change but yes equality comes from mind and not actions. Well the wages are already at par when I look back and find the ladies getting salaries equal to their counterparts and rightly said by Akhila enjoying that additional paid leave too

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      1. Nice discussion. I think this world has always been male. The women can be successful but deeply inside they are lonely

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  5. This is sadly true. I remember once when we got in an accident because a fool on his cellphone was speeding on the wrong side of the road, everyone blamed me and my sister for this. We were driving within the speed limit but all they could say way ” Its women driving! Always causing trouble! Check their license” no one even offered us water while they took the guy and made him sit on a beach and asked if he was hurt
    This article is Wonderful. Another follower added!

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    1. Thanks a lot Dear Sam!! The idea is to make people aware not to play with human sentiments… Our girls should never grow up in an environment where there is any feeling of being treated in any different way than boys…

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  6. I dream of this time too. It not only hurts women it hurts men too, if we men would just realize it. I do realize it and I hope your words will get more men thinking and being open to change their behaviour.

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  7. Hey, just wanna tell you. See how many response you got in return from the well wishers? Do you still think, we have gender inequalities?! 😉☺. (Just a random thought).
    Yes, I do agree. We are remembered only for things we failed to do, not for many a thing done by us. A word of appreciation for what we did would be more than enough ,we get melted and tend to do even more for them. Why can’t we nomad freely as like men? (Here itself, gender inequality starts!) This is a very serious question which everyone got to understand and answer.
    BTW, well said and showed your true feelings. It happens in some point of life! Have a great day!

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    1. thanks for reading… and somehow you get to understand what i write just to the point… it is a big question and in my opinion, it will still take ages to come out of the inequality… there are many ads encouraging gender inequalities and yes, it starts at home… subconsciously, men are trained to be superior…

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      1. hmmm…read your other post too, on ‘dont you dare cry like a girl’…but dont you think ma’am, that that too has changed to ‘ dont you cry like a baby’…
        things will improve, though there are still pockets even within our own country, where gross inequality prevails

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      2. Oh yes… this is another matter to worry about… I guess we really need to put in an effort to bring a change and it must all start from our homes when we raise our kids… Thank you for bringing this point…

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