If only you had caressed my face softly

if only you had held my hand

if only you had kissed me gently

things would have been different today

if only you had a small corner for me

in your heart, if only you had allowed me to stay

if only you could see my invisible tears

things would have been different today

if only you hadn’t abandoned me in pain

if only you could hear my silent screams

if only you had offered me yourself

things would have been different today

if only you had understood my song

I wouldn’t be writing these words of pain

I would be singing my poems of joy

in your arms I would have been enjoying

if only my love.. if only


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17 thoughts on “if only my Love… if only

  1. Your poem spoke to me. 🙁 You’ve written it really well. You inspired me to write few lines of my own:

    If only the words of heart were visible-
    to the mere eyes of a person,
    Rather bathed in ignorance, and,
    They say ignorance is bliss.
    Perhaps this quote had an unusual effect,
    On the path chosen by the one loved while, The one loving was lost forever
    Derailed onto a path full of misfortune,
    but nevertheless,
    Misfortune maybe Fortune in disguise.
    ~ Shambhavi

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  2. Thank you Zigyasa. Your writing caries lot of emotions and I am glad I could decipher few. Your writing has always inspired me. Continue on this path my dear and rise up like a star so bright in the sky. ^_^

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    1. Your beautiful comments have always enlightened my spirit. Your support means a lot to me and I feel inspired to receive your feedback. You write beautifully and I wiuld love to read more from you.

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  3. If only love is what the media portrayed,
    the rest of us would be ecstatic.
    If only love is something easy,
    then it is not worth it.
    Because love is something to fight for.

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