I give in, to the burning flames

for my love, to the sun 

I burn like the fire myself

show my sins the way to the ashes

I cleanse my soul everyday

I take birth, fresh like a child

but this is heart of mine so innocent 

it loves the Moon, with a passion no less

it chooses to cool, to the serenity of the night

peacefully, I embrace the silver light

the grains of my sand calm and soothing

offering my love complete

this selfless love so pure of mine

leaving a message bright and bold

a Desert I am, from me could they learn

the meaning of being ADAPTABLE

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#dailyprompt #poetry #adaptability

26 thoughts on “Desert’s Love – each Soul to learn from

  1. You can write on anything and everything that does not make me jealous .

    I respect the difference , I appreciate you for being so creative and sensitive who could feel pain and pleasure with equal sensitivity , hold it with , and have ability to express it gently with equal grace.

    Good morning

    Wishing you happy Sunday !

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    1. A happy Sunday to you as well Nish! One thing I have learnt in my life is to always keep my feet to the ground. You are too kind to praise me all the time, but i have told myself always not to fly too high to forget my basic self. People who have seen a little too much of pain and sacrifice tend to feel so. They never forget to remain their true self. Always a big thanks to you for being so kind!

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      1. These are very serious words indeed, I hope i could do the same thing.

        Will you help me to be remain grounded , down to earth .

        Will you please ?

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      2. Are you sure ?

        Thanks if you think so, I would be glad learning few tips on living life simple and meaning ful if you feel like sharing…

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      3. That’s true, but that is all about world within. We all have different experience of life and each one us is good in something or other .

        Being human we see life differently our perceptions are different our skills to express the things are different.

        That difference put together makes this world beautiful and worth living .

        I am glad that you always remain humble and response sensibly .

        Wishing you all success and Peace.

        Thanks for your valuable time , it’s nice interaction with you so far.

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      4. Difficult to win from you, so I change game plan and surrender completely before you and agree with you what ever you are saying.

        You are saying indeed right about me, I am grateful to you for coming so far and shower all appreciation.

        I am glad that I could earn little but rapport in front of you for my understanding about life.

        I would be glad if I could return the favour in future.

        Let us not talk about writing skills you are always prompt and sincere about your readers comments and reply them.

        Glad connecting

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