today i decide to bring a smile to you

today i decide to fill excitement in you

today i decide to inspire you a little

shall i tell a story, or ask you a riddle

today i decide to read what you write

let’s go to the rooftop, shall we fly a kite

come a little closer, let’s kiss each other

let’s sit together chat for a little while

aren’t we missing each other

aren’t we loosing time

shall we do it all today, not wait for tomorrow

for i have seen, i have learnt

sometimes leaving us puzzled

tomorrow never comes

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24 thoughts on “tomorrow never comes

  1. Every Body Knows But…….

    Nice Touching Feelings Zigyasa ji.

    ‘Tera-Mera Karta Raha
    Umar Bhar Dhan Ikththa Karta Rha,
    Dekh Samane Maut Apni Khadi,
    Saucha Ye Sab Kyun Karta Raha………

    Live Ur Life Happily Today-Today-Today……….
    Kaun Janta Hai ‘Sagar’Kal Kya Hoga.!
    Jaisi Bhi Hai Aaj Zindagi Hans Kar Ji Le.!!

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      1. Thank U Zigyasa ji.
        But Two Lines on it…
        इतनी तारीफ़ ना कर ए दोस्त की मैं मैं ना रहूं.!
        उड़ूँ इस क़द्दर हवा में की फिर उड़ ही ना सकूँ.!!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I am damn sure it will be difficult for you to find someone who will deny the awesomeness of your poems.

        You write ever great , comments and likes are mere formality to show light to the sun !

        Know that you are one of the finest among who can feel and express in words !😊

        Have wonderful time.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s great day indeed.

        Let me wish her “A very happy birthday ”

        May God bless her all success and love.


        All the very best for both of you to be in each other’s life.

        Stay blessed.😊


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