In response to the the daily prompt.. my Heart goes out to the victims of Orlando shootings..


Gretta was six, she was excited about something

she had made a house for her uncle to stay

uncle Jake was to come tomorrow

and he shall live in that little house of clay

she had made it with her tiny soft hands

how proud was she to make it so colorful

there was room for a garden

there was room for a big kitchen

the house was huge, she looked at it all day

she asked her mom a thousand times

when was uncle Jake coming to see her surprise

her eyes sparkled with enormous joy

the time was about to come, the following day

in the meanwhile

someone with a gun, accompanied uncle Jake

yes, it was the city of Orlando’s sad fate

shootings happened, many dreams died

nothing but thick red blood in sight

the cops had called to inform the family

Mom spoke on the phone really softly

tears rolled down from her eyes to her cheeks

Gretta stood behind, she consumed the reality

she didn’t speak a word, she didn’t cry

she simply went to the house she had made

there was now some more work to be done

she had to REBUILD that house of clay

now with a Coffin inside

where uncle Jake would Rest in Peace

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17 thoughts on “she Rebuilt the house with a Coffin

  1. I do not understand why guns are so popular in the USA. How easy is it get a gun in India? In Canada it is much harder. Your Poem is a reminder of the preciousness of each person’s life. No statistics can take away the devastating effect of guns.

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    1. Absolutely.. In India, it is not too easy for a common man. I am shocked to learn the number of gun shootings in the USA.. every now and then.. still, nothing is been done to prevent the same. One thing is clear, if we provide devastating weapons to people, they will be misused..

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