Children are the best teachers. They have the ability to think things in their own way and not being influenced and flawed by the systems in place. How their tiny minds are way beyond being imaginative and creative. They are the artists, they can fly without wings, they can colour the rainbow grey, they can make the moon yellow, they can sing while being sad, they can shed tears for no reason, they can be happy for the tiniest of the things, and yes, they never have any grudges. They forget that they fought just 2 minutes back with someone and then be friends again. Their heart is pure and innocent. There is so much to learn from them.

Today, I am sharing something that happened almost 3 years back. This incident made me realise that children can do anything. That, they are actually capable of creating wonders… after all, child is the King..

I had bought the 3D building puzzle for my two daughters who were 7 and 3 at that time. These puzzles consist of a few pieces that would construct a miniature of a monument. Guess what they both chose! The elder one chose the Sydney Opera house and the younger one chose the Empire State Building. Now, they both sat to build the puzzles and after about an hour of trying their hand, they were both ready and told me to come and click a picture of how well they had done it. Both the puzzles were kept together on the table and I clicked the picture and we all celebrated our tiny moment of joy.


My younger daughter suddenly asked me where actually were Empire State Building and Sydney Opera house located. I told her that one was in New York, USA and the other one is in Sydney, Australia and that both of them are very far from each other.

What she said next left me speechless. She said, “see mother, me and my sister have brought them together even when they are far apart.”

This made me think how children do not care of any boundaries, how creative and free they could be and how constructively they can imagine. How their tiny beautiful minds can bring love, peace and togetherness to the humanity and help to light the darkness in this world.

the Child is Eternal indeed..

Please feel free to share your experiences with children that made you learn a lovely lesson from them.


20 thoughts on “The Child is Eternal indeed..

  1. Great story, Zigyasa. One experience that comes to mind is my son Sam, aged just 4, said: ‘Dad, five fives are twenty five aren’t they?’ Somewhat mystified, I said yes, then notice what he was looking at across the room. It was a folded ironing board leaning against the wall. There were five sets of five holes punched in the metal

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  2. What is difference between child and us they have no hard coded identies for themselves , Accept the selves and others the the way they are !

    They are away from “ego” . Having no goals and desires . They live in present moment.

    Challenge everything that exists out of curiosity. Don’t discriminate things on the basis of ugly or Beautiful, right or wrong.

    We conditioned them as per our understanding of life.

    Beautiful narration.

    We do can consciously practice to be like child up to some extent.

    Great write , touched.

    Beautiful write !


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      1. Pleasure is all mine, no doubt you are excellent writer, good human and great mom .

        Wishing you all happiness , love and light !

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  3. Kids are the best people, hands down. And if we are parents then they are the best thing about our lives. My 4 year old daughter watched Batman V Superman with me, and had such a confused look on her face when they started to fight. “Why don’t people just be friends? Why is batman so mean? They should help each other.” Lol i thought it was hilarious and it really spoke to her character. Its crazy how wise they can be.

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    1. They truly are wise. Much more than we could ever be. If only the world was ruled by children, it would have been the most beautiful place to live in… Thank you so much for sharing your lovely experience… love to your daughter..

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