I had bought a large one

didn’t think how will I finish it

I took a few bites quickly

had to rush for a meeting

I wrapped it up in a foil

looked for a waste bin around

couldn’t find any

and so I kept the foil in my bag

driving on the road

as I stopped on a traffic signal

few kids came running to my car

offering their service

to dust off the windows

for a few pennies

I told them not to

and then it came to my mind

the half eaten sandwich wrapped in the foil

I took it out from my bag

offered it to those children…..

looking at food, their eyes shined

there were 3 of them

the eldest one made 3 bites

and they all merrily finished it all

in less than a minute

they were jumping with joy 

waving their hands to say goodbye to me

as I started to drive my way

to my meeting


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28 thoughts on “the Half eaten Sandwich

  1. I just loved it so much!! Can’t thank you enough for the same☺👍 I was right when I said previously that you’re a very beautiful human being!!☺👍 You’ve proved it and have set an ideal example for many people across the globe!!! Thank you so much!!!!!☺☺☺☺👍

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  2. I loved your story. I thought it was very descriptive. I could almost see the sandwich wrapped in foil and you handing it to the three hungry boys. You are one talented writer, keep up with the awesome writings😉

    Liked by 1 person

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