she lay on the bed, her body lifeless

the line on ECG machine, had stopped taking jumps

the doctors speechless, unable to announce the news

to her children, holding on to her hands tightly

her spirit readying to leave her body

trying with a force too immense 

seeing the rolling down tears, on soft cheeks of her children

how her spirit melted in that moment

unable to bear to see such pain in those eyes

it was now too weak to go to heaven

and there, a miracle happened

a mother came back to life embarrassing the death

to hold back those fingers, that held her in hope

for her kids trusted her way beyond trust

she had told them she wouldn’t leave them alone

she couldn’t afford to break their tiny hearts

she smiled, as she got ready to go back home

along with her three little children

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25 thoughts on “when a Mother Embarrassed the Death

  1. Whilst reading this, i happened to get that feel in my heart to the extent it’s beat rised higher getting alongside the rythm of my attention towards the tale. We tend to come across many writers in this world whose writings are lovely to the eyes and mind. Very few, very few get your eyes, mind and attention connect to your heart to what your reading. My dearest friend is one among the few, one in a million. I liked the happy ending at the end. May this happen to every unwell mother at a critical condition in our Hospitals today as well as any other day. Lots of Love to Mysestina from Psychedelic Bay – Cezane and Michelle

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind response.. I hope so too… no mother to ever leave her children in pain… I can very well imagine the silence screams of those tiny hearts to face such tragedies… May God be with all of us!!

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